Top 5 features to look out for in your Washing Machine

One of my friends has recently become a father and wants to buy something for the family for the upcoming festive season. After becoming a parent, he has witnessed his wife juggling work, household chores, and the baby tirelessly. Washing kid’s clothes and disinfecting them is a huge task in itself. In such stressed-out times, I suggested he upgradesto a better washing machine and share half the household work. And while buying the washing machine he should consider much beyond the load capacity and cost.

Washing machines come with an array of features but pick up the one that suits the needs of your household and handles the job of handling the laundry woes perfectly. So while purchasing the washing machine, I suggested my friend considers the following factors which would make his buy relevant and an ideal fit for his home.

1. Hygienic Wash: This is the primary factor to consider. We wash clothes not just to remove the stains and foul odor but also the invisible germs. In these uncertain times #KapdoKiImmunity is equally important and we need to be cautious if the clothes are getting hygienically washed or not. While washing the babies’ clothes, we rinse them with hot water and even soak in a disinfectant post the wash. But Panasonic is one Washing Machine that eliminates that trouble. It comes with a built-in heater and keeps the water hot during washing to thoroughly eliminate the invisible bacteria that remain attached to the fabrics. In fact, it eliminates up to 99.99%*bacteria from your clothes.

2. Handling Tough Stains: White clothes, the collar of shirts, food stains especially curry stains on the clothes need to be pre-treated, rubbed, and scrubbed before putting them in the washing machine. If you have kids who love to get messy, then you end up doing this way too often. The washing machine looks futile in those times and what comes handy are maybe laundry hacks but you don’t need to worry about anything with the Panasonic Washing Machines that comes with StainMaster+ technology. At the push of a button, the scrub wash effect comes into play. The clothes are then soaked and washed with warm water which removes all the stains easily and you get fresh and clean clothes out of the washing machine.

3. Water and energy efficiency: Water scarcity is a problem prevalent in many cities of India, especially in summers. And we should work towards conserving every drop of water. Unknowingly, our washing machines lead to a lot of water wastage. So investing in a water-efficient washing machine is a smart decision not just to save on your bills but aid precious nature too. Panasonic Washing Machines come with Econavi sensors which help save up to 20% water and energy.

4. Gentle wash: All our ethnic, designer, and delicate outfits need gentle washing. The Panasonic Washing Machines have an extra unique care net which prevents any harsh rubbing and damaging of clothes. Now the most delicate pieces can also be washed in the washing machine without any worries.

5. Sleek Design: Engineered in Japan by more than a 100 year old legacy brand, Panasonic not only uses state-of-the art technology but bears an extremely sleek look that blends into the art and décor of a modern day house

A washing machine is an inevitable part of every household that gets used every single day. All clothes, the ones belonging to the precious kids, the ones bearing tough stains, the delicate dresses need to be washed differently. So, this festive season my friend is going to invest in a washing machine that treats all the clothes differently but leaves the clothes fresh, clean, and hygienic nevertheless. Disinfecting clothes is pretty much the new normal and Panasonic Washing Machine disinfects while washing the clothes and handles all your laundry blues efficiently. So check out their features and you can buy it here to make your life easier and happier.


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