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Simple ideas to create fun spaces for your kids in home – using cartoon bedsheets and towels.

I am sure every mom out there would agree with me when I say, “Kids always need something new to explore and play with.” Before the pandemic hit us, we could take the kids to the park, in the society gardens, malls, markets, play areas, or to the friend’s houses for a change. But now our scope is restricted within the boundaries of home. We have to bring the whole world inside and create new spaces for the kids every other day.

Toys, blocks, creative kits and books are the easiest ways to manage the kid’s boredom. But for kids, change is the only constant. After playing a couple of times with the toy, they need a new one. Ordering a new toy for them every second day is beyond our scope and budgets.

According to me one of the easiest ways is to recreate spaces and experiences within our homes. And no, no!! You needn’t spend a bomb on the curtains, wall papers or the furniture. You also don’t need to toil through the day to create cute DIY stuff for your kid’s room. I am going to share very simple ideas using bright, colourful cartoon kid’s bedsheets and bath towels.

I personally love the kid-centric collection of Spaces starting at just Rs. 529. It has an amazing collection of bed sheets, towels, mats, and comforters of all the famous animated characters in bright colors and fun patterns. The bedsheets are made from 100% cotton, and are super soft and breathable too. The dyes, colours and fabrics used to curate the amazing patterns are 100% non-toxic making them safe for the kids. Whether your child loves Mickey or the Frozen princess or our desi Motu Patlu… Spaces have them all and even more!

So, here are a few hacks that I have employed to make cozy, playful spaces in my home which my son can call his own. He loves cuddling up, jumping, and lazing around in these corners and sometimes even dozes off to sleep! (What a relief to a mom ;))

1.      A Mickey/Minnie Tepee in the room: Amidst this lockdown, every parent would have tried a canopy/ tepee/ tent at home. You just need a simple hook or a rod from where you can tie your Mickey Mouse bedsheet. Throw in some cushions, toys, pillows, and it is all set. When I made this, my son did everything inside it for almost a week – eating, reading, playing, and even sleeping!

2.      The Avengers cape: A cartoon towel can easily be turned into a cape around the neck. The Spaces Avengers towels with the Hulk and Captain America are the best capes for the kids. My son especially goes topless with just the cape and loves swirling around the house. Girls can even use Elsa towels to pin up a dress or a simple shrug for pretend and play.

3.     A Minion Hammock in the balcony: Seen those hammocks on beaches? Well, we can’t go there but can easily create one by tying the corners of a Minion double bedsheet to two hooks/ window grills in opposite corners of the balcony. Alternatively, if you have a toddler, you can tie it around a desk too.

These makeshift places using just bedsheets have been a huge hit with my son. I often find him making stories and having a conversation with his favorite characters on the sheets. Just to make sure my son doesn’t get bored of these; I employ a few mommy hacks:

1.   Fairy lights and glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars: At night it creates a starry effect in the room. It is one of the simplest ways of having a fairy palace and a galaxy of adventure for your kids.

2.   Keep changing places: Don’t restrict your kid in his/her room only. Keep moving his tepee around the house. In rooms where I don’t have a hook, I use his Disney Cars comforter on a mat and make a cozy bed on the floor.

3.   Involve your kid: Make your child own the kid’s bedsheet and the creation with it too. This way they will be possessive about it and won’t even damage it. #TriedAndTested by a mommy to 5 years old.

Every kid has a favorite cartoon character to which he/she can relate. Amidst these times kids don’t have any friends for physical play. So why not bring these cartoon characters to life in your kids’ room with Spaces India! From Elsa to Avengers, these cute kids’ bedsheets and bath towels will take your kids into their dreamland. So go ahead and infuse some imagination and magic into your kids’ lives. Add an enchanting touch with Spaces India. What are you waiting for? Check out their collection here. Trust me; the designs are so beautiful that you would want to be kids all over again!!

This post is sponsored by Spaces and was first published here.

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