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She parted from her son to raise her daughters.

Anjali had given her final year exams of BA when she got married to Anmol. After bagging 3rd position in college, she moved back to Ludhiana with her husband. Her husband had a mediocre lifestyle and hailed from a middle-class background.  Anjali was wise enough to make the best use of all the waste and gave a new look to the entire house without a penny of investment. Her neighbours always praised her for managing the household expenses so well and hence, leading a comfortable lifestyle.

Anjali was contented with whatever little they had but she always aspired to give the best to her children. A year down the line, people had already started blessing her –“May god grant you a beautiful son.” She used to rebuke – “Why just a boy? I would be equally happy if god gifts me a daughter.” To which the society always shut her saying – “Don’t even utter such words. You should have at least one son. If 1st one is a daughter, then you will have to plan another baby soon.” But she promised herself that be it a girl or a boy, she will have just one child. She always dreamt of raising the child with all the modern facilities and good education from the elite schools and colleges. With the mediocre income in hand, it will be possible to raise just 1 child.

Soon Anjali conceived and when Anmol took her to the doctor, the doctor confirmed that they have been blessed with triplets. Anjali and Anmol were on cloud nine on hearing the news but at the same time they were a little distressed on how would they manage to give a comfortable lifestyle to three children!

Different people gave different opinions to them.

“Get a sex determination somehow. Would help you to plan accordingly.”

“Pray to god that they are 3 sons. That ways you will have more hands to earn and support you through the old age.”

“If you have sons and daughters both, then give good education to the son. The daughters have to anyway get married and take care of household activities. ”

Soon, Anjali and Anmol became a talk of the town and every second person was talking about them. Some were pitying their condition while others were just busy gossiping about the pros and cons.

9 months passed by and Anjali and Anmol were still speculating about how to manage their finances and whom to seek help from, for taking care of 3 babies together.  Soon Anjali gave birth to 3 babies, 2 beautiful girls and 1 charming baby boy. Anjali was just on the verge of being unconscious after the delivery of triplets when few murmurs dropped on her ears– “Thank god, ek beta hai. 3 ladkiyan kaise palti yeh bechari!”

On regaining consciousness after a couple of hours, Anjali was still haunted by the murmurs she heard in the operation theatre from some educated doctors and nurses.

She was still pondering over the prejudices against girls when her eyes pounced upon the phone and it was Priya calling. She was reminded of a request from Priya, who was her friend’s distant relative. She was having a tough time in conceiving and doctors had finally suggested that Priya could never conceive.  She wanted to adopt a kid from Anjali. Priya suggested that this would be the best way to give a comfortable life to all the kids without compromising on their education or lifestyle. Priya had proved her unbiased thoughts and exhibited her readiness in adopting a girl or a boy without any hesitation.

Anjali answered her call and Priya congratulated her. She was beaming with joy and a new hope of becoming a mother soon. Anjali could sense her excitement and nervousness over phone only. Priya asked her in apprehension – “Can I come down to meet the babies and possibly become mother to one of your daughters?” Stoned Anjali just answered “Sure. Come down.”

Within an hour Priya rushed to the hospital and she was almost gaping for her breath when she entered Anjali’s room. The daughters were sleeping in the cot and Anjali was bluntly gazing the hospital roof while feeding her son. Anjali greeted Priya and embracing her good wishes, directed her towards the cot. Priya stood near the baby girls and her hands shivered as she reached out for them. She was sceptical on which one to pick up. They both looked so calm and poised in the sleep. Just when Priya was about to pick up a girl, Anjali exclaimed – “He will be your son, henceforth. Take him along.” Priya was perplexed. She reiterated – “I have no issues in adopting a daughter too. You have been blessed with a son and I don’t want you to repent your decision a couple of years down the line. After all, our society claims to have atleast one vanshaj(son) for the family.” Anjali just smiled and said –“I am confident that my son will be taken care of under all circumstances however I am not really sure about the same for my daughters. I don’t want to raise them with the same dogmas of this society. I want to raise them as independent, powerful girls who will become my family vanshaj.”











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