Woman In Me

My Perfect Woman

Perfection knows no boundaries. Just when man thought that a telegram is perfect as a means of communication, Graham Bell invented telephone. And just when we started believing that telephone is perfect as fastest means of communication and nothing could beat it , video calling was invented. Perfection is as deep as the ocean and as endless as the sky.

For some satisfied souls, everything is perfect but only a connoisseur can  look beyond perfection. For me, perfect is the lady I see everyday.

I have always looked at her from a distance and admired her for everything. She leads a life, I always aspired for. She owns everything, I always dreamt of. She is the one who is perfect in all dimensions of this universe. Somewhere I always yearn to be like her and lead a life like hers. To the world she is just another soul, but for me she is everything.

Every morning, people find her unkept in a free flowing skirt with lose fitted t- shirt and hair tied up in a messy bun, but I can only see the beauty of duty flowing down her neckline, in sweat. When she cooks, the world finds all sorts of flaws in it,but I smell perfection because it matches my taste. Everybody finds her home mismanaged and unarranged but my eyes find everything sorted out perfectly. The world ridicules her for leaving a fat pay packet but I admire her perfect commitment towards her family.

I always nag her about making the world believe that she is perfect. I always nag her to be pretentious just for the sake of impressing the world. But she is so high on self confidence that nothing else but her own happiness matters the most. And when she is happy, I am happy which in turn makes the world around me happy. She has been inspiring me and guiding me since my birth. My soul is my perfect woman. I respect her. I love her. I listen to her. And I always wish to follow her but the mandates of this cruel society hold me back. The day my perfect woman…my soul comes in confirmation with my mind, I will be truly liberated to rise above all.


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