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Mah Lyf…Mah Rulez

When Rashi and Manas came up with the theme 'Decade' for the first BlogHop of 2020, I started ruminating on the past decade. It was like an unknown distant relative bumping into me at a wedding and telling me, “You are so grown up now. 20 years back when I saw you, you were hopping around with 2 cute pigtails on your head.” Oh Yes, even I don’t recognize the Supriti that was a decade ago.

10 years back, during this time I was preparing for an inevitable question, “Where do u see yourself 10 years from now?” It solved the dual purpose of MBA entrance and B.Tech placements. While my mind gave all the gyan and jargon of developing strategies and contributing to industrial growth while enhancing managerial and leadership skills. blahh..blah...blahh... my heart had just one answer, “10 years from now I want to be free and happy."

"I want to be free from the worries of the right side of the menu in a restaurant.

I want to be free from the maddening frisking of the mannequins in the store to dig out the price tag.

I want to be free form the worries of my bank balance and travel the world like a free bird.

I want to be free and wish to party all night without the elders chasing me.

Mah lyf.. Mah rulezzz will be my mantra! ”

In short, I dreamt of everything fancy and kool a fresh graduate thinks of. Fantasizing about the future often  transported me to another world with my soul flipping, twirling and dancing to the tunes of “Panchi banun udti phirun..”

And udte udte, a decade flew by. Today sitting on my desk, I wonder if I am anywhere close to the Gyan of my mind or the dreams of my heart? And, to be frank I am nowhere close.

In the early 30’s I am a work from home mom with a 4-year-old to take care of. My flabby tummy has changed the restaurant alarms from permutations and combinations of the prices to that of the calories.

The dresses adorning the mannequins don’t fit me anymore, so I have stopped paying heed to them. Angoor khatte hai (grapes are sour), you see! 😉 Swiping left-right and scrolling up down on the Big Fat Sale days works better for XXL n XXXL sizes.

And holidays? The very idea of packing and unpacking makes me so tired, that I have no energy or enthusiasm left for the actual vacation. Now I prefer my couch with nose dug into a book or eyes fixed on the tab.

People say that not just grey hair and retarding health, but such insane thoughts of salvation n 'sab moh maya hai' are also signs of aging. “Budhapa sir chadh chukka hai.” they exclaim.

But I chose to believe that I am turning wiser. The transition didn't happen overnight. Marriage, responsibilities, the vicious trap of expectations and deliveries, the ever-growing complexities of relationships, shortage of time with the dawn of motherhood and the constant war between heart and brain influenced this happy realization.

My mind always pushed me to lead the life perceived perfect by the peer and society but my heart always detested the idea of following the peer. A decade ago, when my mind overpowered everything else, I associated happiness and freedom to materialistic goals. Goals that were achieved subsequently but had turned trivial by then. Happiness was to try everything kool defined by the peer. Back then it was my heart living to the rules of my peer. 'Mah lyf..Mah rulez..' was just another buzz phrase..

But I realised its true meaning only after listening to my heart by quitting my 7 digit package to take care of my son. And since then there has been no looking back. I felt liberated like never before. I took up the long lost hobby of writing and I discovered so much more about my own self.

In this journey of liberation, according to my peers, I haven't achieved anything quantifiable. My blog is still in tatters. But I know that I have realised my dream of, 'Mah lyf...mah rulezz.' in true sense. I live it every single day and that makes me a happy person inside out.

“This post is a part of ‘DECADE Blog Hop’ #DecadeHop organized by #RRxMM Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul. The Event is sponsored by Glo and co-sponsored by Beyond The Box, Wedding Clap, The Colaba Store and Sanity Daily in association with authors Piyusha Vir and Richa S Mukherjee”

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  1. Haha, your title is so apt for our generation who started interacting over Orkut a decade ago. Fresh out of college with high hopes and this was my life mantra too. Down the lane, things have changed and we have different priorities now. Few dreams have been lost but too much has been gained.

    1. Supriti says:

      Ah the good old days of testimonials on orkut or testi as we called them.. life changes..things go wrong but life goes on.. thanks for stopping by and giving it a read.. 🙂

      1. Hahaha! Loved the title. It was a mantra oft repeated by my sons whenever I tried to reprimand them gently. 😄
        From your post it is evident you have evolved as a person in these 10 years.
        It is a pleasure to note your last line – that you are a happy human being today.
        – Radhika

        1. Supriti says:

          thank u so much dear… life comes a full circle.. 🙂

      2. Loved your journey of liberation may you follow your heart. good luck 😊

        1. Supriti says:

          thank u so much 🙂

      3. True we all want to live our life on our mantras, somewhere we succeed and sometime we don’t, what matters, even then if you are happy with your pace in your comfort zone, your are among those blessed soul Supriti, finding and accepting the simplicity as the lifesyle is no less than an achievement for me, and I can see you as a winner of this with contented and peaceful life.Well written!

        1. Supriti says:

          aww.. thank u for making me feel like a winner. stay blessed! 🙂

      4. My life my rules, this is what I understand but very late in my life. I am glad to see that you are applying in this your life and it’s giving you a happy feeling. May you get lots of success and happiness in this new decade 🙂

        1. Supriti says:

          Thank u so much dear. 🙂

  2. Today’s best read..loved the post since beginning to end..ya I agree that during young age and specially before marriage and kids, we all have a different fantasy of life and think that life is all about getting materialistic pleasures but after getting married and having kids, we learn the meaning of real life . I am glad that you had taken such a big decision of enjoying motherhood than a seven digit salary job..and now, you are enjoying your long lasting hobby writing. wishing you lots of good luck for new decade.

    1. Supriti says: changes..things go wrong..but life goes on.. and it always teaches us to live stronger and happier. thank u so much Surbhi for ur kind words. They made my day. 🙂

  3. Accepting, respecting and loving yourself regardless of your dress size is really important. beautiful post reminded me my final semester of MCA.. preparing myself for the question.. where do you see yourself in 10 years… and of all the answers I prepared, none is close to my today’s reality. 😉

    1. Supriti says:

      haha… True Hema..hum sochte kuch hai and hota kuch aur hi hai.. GLad u loved my post. thanks a lot for ur kind words. 🙂

  4. Quitting the unnecessary and cutting down the baggage can be very cathartic! It has enabled you to take up what you love and what is necessary. Its a subtle lesson but often lost in the “gyaan”. And most of all, it has to be learnt by oneself! – Pallavi Acharya

    1. Supriti says:

      Absolutely..sometimes the cathartic acts bring the biggest joys in life.. Thank u so much for dropping by. 🙂

  5. I loved the tone of this post, like a playful banter with a long standing friend. kudos!

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank u so much Pooja. Glad u loved it. 🙂

  6. My Life, My Rules…I guess that’s what we all crave for ultimately but then life tends to play spoilsport. I’m so glad reading your post. At least some people out there live like that. Achievement is again very subjective. But as long as you can live life on your own terms I think other things hardly matter. Wish you luck!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Sonia for your kind words. This support and sisterhood makes me stronger with every passing day. Thanks a lot the encouragement. 🙂

  7. Ah! The classic dilemma between the head and the heart.
    The meaning of happiness changes repeatedly over time. And along with it, its pursuit.

    But what matters most is whether you are at peace with yourself. No matter what the world tells you, you got to define your own happiness and the means to attain it.

    Ending here with lines from my favorite poem…
    ‘I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.’ 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      yes..indeed.. being in peace with oneself is the best.. thank u for ur kind words. 🙂

  8. Well said the constant war between heart and brain makes one realize that you are turning wiser. If you are happy at a single moment or a day then that’s it, it’s your life and you can smile at it and say yes that’s mah lyf.

    1. Supriti says:

      Glad u loved it.. Thank u so much for reading n sharing ur views. 🙂

  9. I am smiling after reading your post. What stars we have in our eyes when we are in our twenties. My life actually started at 40, my dear. In your thirties, please don’t talk of budhapa…u have a long long way to go. I am going to be 56 in the next few days an I say I never grew up. Stick to your life your rules but with the zest for life…let it just come and take it on! Cheers.

    1. Supriti says:

      hehee.. your comment made me smile Ma’am.. u r forever young n i love your spirit. Thank u for ur comment. 🙂

  10. Monika says:

    I seriously wanna know how you manage after quitting 7 digit package . Cash inflow is essential for happiness . Mah life mah rules I also want but without cash ? But your post was an interesting read I must say.

    1. Supriti says:

      i understand ur point. paying bills is the prime necessity but savings plus hubby is earning enough to take care of the cash inflow.. 🙂

  11. Anjali M Naik says:

    One of my favourites of this blog hop.. oh god I was laughing as I could relate to each and everything..Mah lyf..mah rulez…the restaurant menu , shopping ,mannequins, packing unpacking scares me too…hahaha.. the entire post was like reading my own thoughts.. Beautiful Supriti..I am really a big fan of your blogs…Best wishes dear !!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Anjali.. u made my day.. already blushing at ur comment. 🙂

  12. Hey Supriti, you can definitely ghostwrite for me because our thoughts are just the same. I mean literally. The only difference that I have never worked and got married early. I am 35 with two kids and a joint family to manage. Yes, I love writing and there is nothing more than that my kids and family have accepted me as a blogger.

    1. Supriti says:

      oops… that’s big.. so glad to have found a soul sister… n when ur family accepts u for what u love, then nothing better than that.. 🙂

  13. Nice post. we surely get matured with time. and the vicious trap of expectations and deliveries is created by ourselves, the moment we set oursleves free is when we truly meet the person we are.

    1. Supriti says:

      yes..yes.. thank u so much for ur kind words.. 🙂

  14. Rules are the same just a little bit change of words and size🙂❣ moms life is like that. Live life our way is the best mommy rule !!!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear.. 🙂

  15. Shivani says:

    Just when I thought, all that needed to be said about the decade had already been said, here you come with your inimitable style. I loved the way you wrote and I hope now you know why I am a fan of your writing.
    Super interesting read

    1. Supriti says:

      This is a perfect fan moment for me.. Thank u for your generous words.. i m not sure if i deserve it, but i will bask in the glory till it lasts.. 🙂

  16. This post comes straight from your heart! I liked the whole vibe of “my life my rules”. Keep it going for the next decade too. Taking care of a kid is not a small responsibility. I have been there, and done that. All the very best.

    Meena from

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much for ur kind words dear. 🙂

  17. I so relate to you as I am currently in your shoes. Every other day, I keep hearing the same saying IIT mein padhke, she is sitting at home like an idiot. I enjoy what I do and my hubby supports me. My blog is not in shatters, it works on its own niche and not bothered about awards or nominations. But who cares all this, as long as I and my kid are happy about what we write.

    1. Supriti says:

      u r one amazing blogger i have come across in #MyFriendAlexa… n as long as ur hubby supports u, chuck the world!thank u for ur kind words. 🙂

  18. I loved your title! Mah lyf mah rulezz. I still follow the same to an extent. I do not earn a seven digit package but I am working at a place where I am given utmost respect for my work. I too am plus size but I love shopping for xxl clothes and even though I check the price tags I still go ahead and buy it for it makes me happy. I travel a lot but at the same time I also love to sit on my balcony with a cup of coffee and a book to dig my nose into it. I am in my 30s and yes have grown wiser in the past decade but still a kid at heart. Hope you also find your inner kid while looking after your kid.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. glad u are still a kid at heart.. maintian it with a smile on ur face.. 🙂

  19. Novemberschild (Romila) says:

    This was a very relatable post.
    I chose to be wiser with the experiences I’ve had in the past decade.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. glad u loved it. 🙂

  20. Hi Supriti! I read the whole story of you, and became very happy for you as well as myself too. I felt how liberated you are truly feeling yourself, and it’s so true that you have liberated from that seven digit things. Lots of love for ur kid and best wishes for ur writing journey ahead.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear. glad u could resonate.. 🙂

  21. I’m so happy to see the change. At one time, I wanted the same. But realized that none of it gave me happiness. It’s not easy with as many people giving gyaan, but I’ve stopped caring. 😀
    I feel you’ve achieved quite a lot by becoming happy with being who you are. Warm wishes for the decade. 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. indeed finding happiness is the biggest achievement. 🙂

  22. Piya Gajbe says:

    Oh how I resonate with your words. The fear of packing and unpacking 😂.
    Loved reading this straight from the heart post. We indeed transform a lot and so does our dreams.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. glad u could resonate.. 🙂

  23. Supriti….most teenagers dream and there’s nothing wrong about that. But life throws a different challenge at each and the fact that each of the dreamer is able to accept and rise up to the challenge. That’s the beauty. Lovely recap.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear. glad u could relate.. 🙂

  24. I loved the title of your post and also how the very meaning of it changed for you through the decade. Your writing is amazing and I like how you used humour to portray your journey.
    Wishing you success and joy

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear.. 🙂

  25. You are a wonderful writer and you say your blog is in tatters? Nah! You are doing pretty well, Supriti and I love reading your posts, always. I enjoyed your journey and especially how you compared your expectations with reality. Wish you an eventful 2020 ahead.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Vartika… ur comment made my day. 🙂

  26. Mah Lyf Mah Rulez. I was reading and simply laughing at some places because “sab moh Maya hai”. I totally relate to this post. My motherhood journey gave me lots of happiness and satisfaction but I feel pressure and exhausted some times. Now sleeping and complete my 6 hours sleep is the biggest fantasy for me. Well done dost. You wrote it very well. Best wishes!

    Deepika Mishra

    1. Supriti says:

      hahaaa.. yes sleep is a fantasy for me too. same pinch! 🙂

  27. Loved your journey of liberation may you follow your heart. good luck 😊

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear. 🙂

  28. Its important to be what we are and everything will fall in place on its own. That seems to be your mantra and should work for you! Good luck always.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much girl.. 🙂

  29. Love the title, Supriti. At the end of the day, it is our lives and our rules. I agree with you, an achievement is not always quantifiable. But some are more precious and often priceless. I wish you the very best for the future.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear.. 🙂

  30. Loved your post a lot..All of us have certain dreams to achieve in our life..Whether they are fulfilled or not is a different thing but how we adapt ourselves to changing times is more important..After all it is all about Mah lyf.. Mah rulezzz !!!

    1. Supriti says:

      yeah..true that.. thanks a lot for sharing ur views..:)

  31. Supriti! Firstly, I love the name of your site – Straight Talk club.
    Secondly, I love your honest approacg towards life – from the dress sizes to flabby tummy to greying hair!
    And you rightly said – what matters is how you feel and not what others say about your success 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. at the end it is about one’s own self. 🙂

  32. You are in your 30s, it’s good you feel liberated. I hope we catch up at turn of next decade…you will want to travel again and feel much more liberated.

    1. Supriti says:

      hehe..fingers crossed! 🙂

  33. I was on a similar journey and realization, so I definitely relate to your words. You seem to be sure that you are in the driving seat now, I am however not sure of the route or where I am going. Writing, then what?

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. glad u could resonate.. 🙂

  34. I love your attitide. You have set your rules and worked on them but you have not been rigid and changed with times. As long as you do what makes you happy, there is nothing else that matters. All that matters is Mah Lyf Mah Rulez. Wishing you a great decade ahead where you can make new rules and let the world follow them 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank u so much dear.. 🙂

  35. This is beautiful for so many reasons! Your self acceptance, honesty, and the depth of your maturity is staggering. There are millions of moms across the world beating themselves up for a variety of reasons, and I wish they could read this and realize that it’s perfectly ok to be happy where they are.

    Thank you for writing this! Love love love!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear.. glad u loved it. 🙂

  36. wwwooww this is amazing!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much. 🙂

  37. I remember using this phrase a lot ‘mah lyf mah rulzzz’ during my college days when I used to call myself a rebel & used to think that I was living life on my own terms but in the true sense, I was not because that itch was always there to be free from all the expectations. I loved reading your post, Supriti it was quite relatable and the way you penned your thoughts made it more interesting to read. Wish you all the best for the future!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Neha.. Glad u loved it. 🙂

  38. I used to hate that ’10 years from now’ question too. I wish I could say, I see myself taking your interview and asking better questions instead.
    Many of your wishes are mine too, so I could totally relate to not wanting to look at the right side of the menu or the need to check price tags in stores. I am honestly glad to find someone else too, who lives by the ‘my life, my rules’ mantra for it gives me comfort in knowing I am not the only one.
    Wishing you many more such rebellious moments.

    1. Supriti says:

      Haha.. true.. we all hate that question!! Glad u could resonate. ..ur comment made my day. 🙂

  39. The joys of motherhood overturn every other joy, right? I think every woman’s story today…well written and many can definitely identify with this post….

    1. Supriti says:

      very true.. thank u so much for reading through it and sharing ur views. 🙂

  40. towards the end of the post I realized the meaning of “my life my rules” and how happy you have become ever since you realized it. Your post is amazing. Period.
    Would really love to read more.
    — rightpurchasing

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much. Glad u liked it. 🙂

  41. Short but impact write up with pure honesty. listening to the heart …that’s what matters.

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank u so much. 🙂

  42. You know what the question where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and 10 years always rings in my head too, a famous question asked by my professors in MBA. I feel achieving the true state is my life my rules is priceless, so here is wishing you that you have an amazing next decade.

    1. Supriti says:

      hehe.. thank u so much. 🙂

  43. Liberation from worries with a decade experience does reflect in your writing, Supriti. They flow straight out of your heart. In the end, the calm state of mind matters a lot.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much.. glad u loved it. 🙂

  44. Loved it. Unfortunately all of us link happiness with money, which sometimes is true. But at the same time, the happiness that you found after quitting your job and spending time with your son matter too.

    1. Supriti says:

      yes..absolutely true.. thank u so much for ur kind words:)

  45. Hey girl, we have been in similar boats. And as I mentioned in my own post that I realised that I need not justify my education and lack of income to anyone. Thus found the way to happiness. More power to you for taking a positive stance in life.

    1. Supriti says:

      High-five gal.. even i found ur story quite similar to mine.. cheers to sisterhood! 🙂

  46. Living your life on your terms is the best way to live life to the fullest unless we hurt any one. Societal as well as peer pressure is always there but one who lives on his rules leaves unique footprints. Nice post.

    1. Supriti says:

      very true. thank u so much for ur views. 🙂

  47. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I am so glad that you are now living by your own rules and are happier for it. Life’s expectations change with every phase of life- all that really matters is to enjoy the moment. Lovely and refreshingly honest post.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Noor. glad u loved it. 🙂

  48. Such an honest recap of the decade, Supriti. It made for a very wise read. Also, who says that your blog is in tatters? Going by this post I have a feeling that there are many gems in your blog. Hope to read a few soon. Keep writing.

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much…glad u loved it.. give a read and share ur views. WOuld love to hear it. 🙂

  49. Follow your heart… it rarely leads you astray.

    1. Supriti says:

      absolutely. thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  50. Loved this simple and humourous take on the decade that has gone by for you.
    P,S: I feel you! Waiting for the big fat sale, I mean 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      hehe… 😉 thanks a lot.

  51. ur life had many glimpses where I could see my reflections. Starting from your aspirations to the reality which actually happened. From the time of searching price tags to searching size tags..things have been so similar. I recalled a day of my younger life when I had wished that I will earn so much that I don’t need to see price tags of the clothes before buying… My guardian angel is really kind… He fulfilled my wish…

    Now I don’t see the price tags.. only pray that the clothing should be available in XXL/XXXL.
    Ur post made me smile and I really thank you for that.


    1. Supriti says:

      hehe.. we all have the same story.. Glad we connected. 🙂

  52. First of all, never pay heed to others’ idea of success. I’m a mother of two and left my job long back for my elder son’s sake. Never rejoined. Should we feel sorry for ourselves? Definitely not! You’re writing and living life by your rules, what else do we need? Those mannequins are hung up there for people, not allowed to enjoy life like you! Isn’t it?

    1. Supriti says:

      absolutely.. live life on your terms.. glad u r doing the same. 🙂

  53. You win some, you lose some! Yes, your journey has been an engrossing one! Glad to know that bringing up your child has been so rewarding for you. As a parent myself, I totally connect with you on this! Rohit Verma

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank s a lot Rohit.. appreciate your words. 🙂

  54. This is my kinda post!
    My life my rules! (your title is fancier)
    Now I prefer my couch with nose dug into a book or eyes fixed on the tab. This is my dream!
    Honestly, who says you blog is in tatters? you have the humour and the language! Waiting to read more.

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank u so much Srishti.. I hope i am able to keep it up. 🙂

  55. I would say, you have become wiser in 10 years. Ofcourse, your life your rules. That’s how it should be … cheers !

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much. 🙂

  56. And this I say is a reality woven in garland of words.
    My exboss used to stay, at times what we want and what we get are two different things, which I always used to ignore.

    But biggest lessons, we are taught by the momemts, time and situation.
    And topping it all the Motherhood and marriage 😉

    And to me, reading your quill was like walking with you.

    Keep writing and I love the wittiness in your words.

    1. Supriti says:

      Thank u so much Meera.. Ur words made my day. 🙂

  57. Kya title hai :).. This should be the mantra of life for all of us. At the end of the day, if you are happy with your decisions, nothing is better than that. Stay cheery!!

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much dear. 🙂

  58. All that matters is your happiness Supriti. No matter what you do there will always be someone not happy with you and raising questions. So forget about them. About your rules changing…all i can say is that each phase n phrase has its own charm. We think we have gone wiser or mature but actually what you are trying to do is, live in the present…and that’s the best recipe. !0 years down the line, you might thing this was stupidity or a masterstroke. Totally depends on how things shape up.
    Good crisp writing with tinge of humor. Looking forward to read more of you.

    #DecadeHop #RRxMM #ContemplationOfaJoker

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u Manas for your kind words. U r right.. what happens 10 years from now is amystery today… but i hope the future shapes up for better. Thank u for this wonderful prompt. 🙂

  59. You spoke my mind and that surely should be the mantra for life. Enjoyed reading your post and the use of wit and humour. I think we all hated the 10 years down the line questions and glares! Today we are all happy with what we did. Am glad you decided to participate in this blog hop and share your journey with us 🙂

    1. Supriti says:

      thank u so much Rashi.. glad u loved it. i learnt a lot while participating in this BlogHop and thank s a lot for this opportunity. 🙂

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