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Is Swiggy your Amma and Uber your Appa??

The recent message ‘Swiggy is my Amma and Uber is my Appa’ is going rounds on the social media and whatsapp. The message criticizes the new age apps for spoiling the kids. It claims that because of these apps, the Gen Y kids don’t value their parents anymore. For them parents have become just money vending machines and the sense of togetherness and patience is also lost. Anything you wish is just a click away and nobody needs to wait.

While most of us are getting emotional with this criticism and swear to get back to our roots and ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’, I was quite disappointed with it. I am not trying to be an irrational rebel but just think over it.

I still remember our 3rd anniversary. My hubby was out of town and promised me that he will make up for it over the weekend. Still, I woke up in one of those gloomy moods, possibly because of PMS and just didn’t feel like doing anything. Usually, we had at least 3 cakes as surprises from my mom dad, in-laws and a close family friend. This year they all were stuck up and none of them could send a cake. The day turned gloomier. It was only towards the evening, when my hubby called up after his conference did he realise that I was depressed. At 8 PM someone rang the door-bell and to my surprise, the Swiggy guy was standing with a fruit cake, garlic bread and coke for me. When everybody else was stuck up due to unforeseen circumstances, this Swiggy on my husband’s request made my day and finally cheered me up.

How many times have you thanked Swiggy for delivering food to you when you are going through severe cramps in tummy? Or for the days when you were sick and didn’t want the kids to do away with just bread butter?  Our moms never had this luxury and I am sure, if they had, they would have loved to avail it and enjoy it. Not everyday, but yes once in a while I love to click and order.

Uber is one of the safest and the most convenient means of travel for all age groups. I remember how my dad used to escort me to tuition classes and back home even at 8 PM because of the fear the newspapers instilled in them. Because, for those 3 hours, my parents couldn’t relax for even a second and with an uncanny feeling settling in them, they were always anxious for my safety. Today with the luxury of Uber and the location sharing facility, they can track me anytime, anywhere without raising their pulses.

So friends, technology is not the sole one to be blamed for the eroding values of adjustment and patience. I know mothers who cook at odd hours just to satiate her kid’s irrational desires. Isn’t she shying away from teaching the kid patience and the fact that one should eat with everybody, at proper meal times? There are also homes where 2-3 types of vegetables are cooked and customised as per each member’s taste. Isn’t that demeaning the adjusting family values and one food for all?

Patience is not taught by depriving the kids of facilities and luxuries. It is taught by following the same oneself. Before introducing the kids to latest technology and handing over the mobile in their hands, it is important to make them responsible. It is responsibility of parents to inculcate the qualities of adjustment, accommodation and appreciation in our kids.  Once in a while, we can order the same food for the whole family and make them respect each other’s choices. We can even deny them few times before giving in to their request. It is all about how we make the best use of technology and drive our kids through it. It is all about how we contribute to the evolution positively and guide our kids along. Empower them with righteousness and make them learn the best out of the worst. Spend some quality time with your kids and you will see how they develop an eye for appreciation and use the technology for the best.

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