Do not delay the admission of your preschooler amidst lockdown! Here’s why!

This pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty when it comes to children’s education. On the one hand, parents of teenagers are uncertain about their future. And, on the other hand, parents of toddlers are skeptical about enrolling their child in a pre-school. My sister’s son just turned 2.5 years old; she is in a predicament! She is not quite sure if online classes are the answer to her worries. She is under the impression that her son will not miss out on any education, for he is too young at the moment!

She could not be more wrong!

As an experienced mommy, I know for a fact that early education is instrumental in helping children achieve overall development. Children learn a great deal, pick up innumerable skills, absorb language, explore cognitive and motor skills in their formative years. Learning in these years is crucial for a strong foundation. I have experienced this personally with my son. My son bloomed beautifully as soon as I enrolled him in a pre-school.

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom, and I was devoted to designing various activities to keep my son meaningfully occupied at home till 2.5 years of age. Still, he spoke in broken sentences, and they were understandable by just me. But his pre-school equipped him with language stimulation. I saw tremendous improvement in his language and communication skills; the various activities honed his cognitive and motor skills.

Early learning is instrumental in shaping a child’s future.

We can never undermine the importance of structured early learning. But in the current scenario, physical schools have transformed into virtual ones without a change in teaching methodology. For online Pre-school, I categorically suggested my sister choose a school that has redesigned its curriculum and structured activities and curriculum to make it relevant in the virtual environment too.

In my sister’s locality, EuroKids has been the go-to choice for every parent. So she inquired about their teaching pedagogy in the virtual setup. 80% of the parents who had used the HomeBuddy App confirmed that clear learning outcomes through the online engagement platform for their children. She was so impressed that she immediately enrolled my nephew in it.

Eurokids has designed age-appropriate activities, kits, and exciting tasks to develop the new-age skills in kids. These activities take the kids into fun zones where learning becomes easy and playful.

After my sister enrolled her son in EuroKids, many other benefits unfolded. All lessons, workbooks, and assignments are accessible by the parents too. The EuroKids Homebuddy app has recorded videos and allows the parents to keep track of their child’s progress at the end of the day or over weekends.

Unlimited excitement!

The virtual setup is not a deterrent to learning! My nephew has built a strong rapport with his teachers; he has gone ahead and befriended many of his peers. The live sessions build excitement in him and recreate the energies of the pre-school at home only. The classes are a lot of fun! My nephew is not just engrossed in learning but also looks forward to them.

In a way, my sister has realized that this virtual setup is a blessing in disguise for her son. She told me how unwise she was to speculate on enrolling her child in a good preschool. It is one of the best times to enroll your child because the EuroKids home buddy app has bridged all the learning gaps in kids while keeping the parents in the loop. Now parents can witness their child’s development in person while actively participating in their learning process too.

Most importantly, activities at EuroKids keep the students hooked to the classes, and parents need not coax the kids to attend classes. So kids learn better with higher concentration, and parents can also breathe a sigh of relief. What more can a parent ask for? The right start gives a flying start to your kid’s education. Do not delay it any further.

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