baby separation, adoption, prejudice against women

She parted from her son to raise her daughters.

Anjali was wise enough to make the best use of all the waste and gave a new look to the entire house without a penny of investment. Her neighbors always praised her for managing the household expenses so well and hence, leading a comfortable lifestyle. Anjali was contented with whatever little they had but she always aspired to give the best to her children. A year down the line, people had already started blessing her –“May god grant you a beautiful son.” and god heard them.

Post marriage, I dreamt of having 2 homes but society forced me to leave one

Everybody has a distinct emotion attached with the word Mayeka. For decades married ladies have been using it to threaten their husbands saying – ” Mai mayeke chali jaungi, Tu dekhte rai yo…” Just a thought of the word makes newly wed grooms’ face droop …