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Book Review

Book Review: Travel My Way by Vartika

Genre: Travelogue

Pages: 88

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About the author: Vartika is one of the most versatile, blogger turned author, I have come across. In her own words, she is an ex-HR professional, an amateur painter, a travel enthusiast, a foodie, nature lover, and an author by chance. Vartika has a versatile blog “Vartikasdiary â€“ let the heart speak” where she writes about parenting, travel, food, relationships, short stories, poetries, social issues, and random musings. She also contributes to various platforms, leading parenting sites and an eminent newspaper of India.

About the book:  In this book, Vartika shares her personal travel experiences. Right from her childhood days, she loves traveling and this book is a testimony of just that. The book starts with the City of Nawabs and Kabas, Lucknow. Vartika hails from Lucknow and this chapter gives a sneak peek into the early years of her childhood. She has extensively covered all the tourist spots, food joints with the must-try dishes, the markets to sort the shopping bug in you, and a fact list towards the end which revealed quite some new facts to me too. There are learnings to be taken from her Kedarnath trip, a spooky story from Himachal, and a deadly Vaishno Devi Trip. She walks us through the busy lanes of Amritsar and even takes us for a boat ride in Allepy and a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer.

In each chapter, Vartika has beautifully woven her personal tales while describing the details of the tourist spot and neither overshadows the other. Towards the end of each chapter, she has shared a few pointers to keep in mind while traveling to a particular place and even tips to make your travel, an experience of a lifetime. Few exotic destinations from Europe are icing on the cake.

What I loved about the book:   I fell in love with the book from the opening chapter only. And that’s because of the candid writing style of Vartika. Every personal story that Vartika has shared adds value to the travelogue and makes it an enjoyable read. It’s also because of these personal tales that at the end of each chapter the reader is left with an itch to quickly move to the next chapter. I particularly loved the sight of Lucknow, Kedarnath, Amritsar, and Budapest Zoo. The pictures from Vartika’s personal album add vibrance to the book. The concluding chapters are a perfect wrap up for the book which gives practical tips and tricks to travel with kids as young as a few months. Being a mother to a 5-year-old myself, I swear by all the hacks and tips she has shared while traveling with kids.

What I missed in the book: Vartika has diligently covered all the details of the tourist attractions, but I would have loved to read some scenic descriptions of places like Shimla, Kullu and Kedarnath which are known to be a treat for eyes and soul. And yes, I am waiting for a sequel too. 🙂

Read the book and share your views too. 🙂

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