An open letter to an OCD

Dear Mr./Ms. OCD,

Whenever I read about you or heard about you, I always wondered if such people really exist. How would it be to live with one? Never in my dreams did I know that of all the desires I had, god would address this futile curiosity of mine.

After knowing you for a couple of years now, I absolutely respect the fact that you have scales fitted in your eyes. I am yet to learn the art of aligning the bed-sheet’s center with that of the bed. I just keep watching you in admiration, while you take at least a 100 rounds of bed, pulling, tucking and untucking the bed-sheet inch by inch before adjusting the center design and corners. Not to forget, exactly the same length of sheet fluttering in full glory on two opposite sides of bed.

I am in awe for the levels of patience you have to do and undo a task till the perfection is achieved. You wipe and wipe again and yet again, till all the germs and even the possibility of upcoming germs is wiped out. Most of the times, I have seen dust particles changing their routes on seeing you dusting and sit exactly on places where you have just wiped off (pun intended). I pity you how these mere particles play with your psyche and make you run around the house a million times before you finally manage to scare away those dust particles.

However I don’t understand that why do you live a life of uncertainty? You close the almirah after arranging but open it again just to check if anything got displaced just by closing the door. Like, really?

While, I respect your anxiety and love for flawlessness, you too should accept the people in their own robes. Just because you are perfect doesn’t mean others are imperfect in any way. Everybody has a perspective and let’s respect that.

For example, I don’t see the slippers screaming in pain of separation by just an inch. Neither do I see them cribbing about not lying exactly parallel to each other with just the 2 ends brushing each other. Also, I don’t find a reason to keep separate spoons for mirchi and turmeric and avoid a speck of mirchi from getting into the pool of turmeric. I believe they are always put together in every curry we make at home and even if we don’t in some cases, then nobody on earth can make out (not even you) that there was a spec of unwanted mirchi in the dish. My cupboard is meant for me and it might not look arranged to you but it is definitely sorted. My eyes know where exactly my particular kurta is buried below 50 other dresses and I can pull it out in no time.

After hosting a dozen of guests, I wish to lie down for a couple of hours. The dirty kitchen top doesn’t haunt me through my dreams and you can definitely not make it scary enough to haunt me.

I just have one advice for you so that you can lead your life in peace. That voice inside your head is just a voice and nothing else. Don’t see life in non-living things. They neither feel anything nor do they speak or scream. Enjoy the life with relations and invest in them. Nobody is trying to stop you from living freely but it is your inner self that has become the biggest hurdle in your life. Try to overcome it and learn to appreciate beauty in imperfection too.


  • Just another lady happy with her imperfections

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