My Story

"You write better than you speak" That's what one of my school friends told me when she chanced upon my scribblings. As a kid, I used to pen down my feelings in a diary or on the last page of notebooks. They were never shared and remained buried in some dark corners. Most of them went away with the rag pickers, except my diaries. Soon, I entered the mad race of B.Tech + MBA and successfully completed MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. A good 7 digit package followed but I was running a rat race till my son was born and some serious health complications put my life on halt. Postpartum hit me real hard and I found solace in scribbling that ended up as drafts in the gmail.
After reading a lot of stories on parenting platforms, I published one of the musings on momspresso (then mycity4kids) and since then there has been no looking back. I have also been writing on platforms like womensweb, firstcry, penmancy to name a few.
Straight Talk Club is about parenting, love, relationships and everything an Indian mother lives through. I named it so, because here I share an unfiltered, unedited version of a mom's life. Be it parenting tips, relationship stories, or untold emotions they all come straight from an Indian mom's heart, my heart!