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A Life Well Lived

For me, grass had always been greener on the other side. When I topped for the first time, all that saddened me was my rejection in state level dance competition. When I was awarded the highly acclaimed NTSE scholarship, I hankered for the much sought after KVPY scholarship.

I aspired for the IIT but could barely make through one of the local engineering colleges. After engineering, I got admission into one of the most sought after IIMs but I went green eyed when I saw students cracking Harvard. While my friends were partying and doping, I was having tiffs with my husband. When my friends were enjoying their honeymoon, I was fighting postpartum depression.

I always had an unfulfilled desire of accomplishing what my self-acclaimed competitors had. But motherhood dawned me with incomparable responsibilities. Now my biggest achievement in a day is to make my son drink 3 glasses full of milk. I feel highly accomplished when people compliment my son for his smart attitude. A wave of pride drenches me with joy when my baby calls me ‘Maa’. Motherhood has made me sail through a storm of emotions but at the end of the day, I am sun kissed and sleep peacefully with the warmth of love.

Today I realize that I never appreciated the happiness God stuffed in my bags. Today when I look back, I cherish the moments when I made my parent’s chest swell with pride. I adore my dad for buying 5 different newspapers, just to see his daughter’s 2″x2″ photo featured for grabbing the coveted NTSE scholarship. I am grateful to God for not giving me a seat in IIT because that sparked the fire of determination to crack the IIMs. I am indebted to God for blessing me with such a benevolent husband and family. I am obliged to God for gifting me a lovely angel who taught me to smile, to forgive and forget and to live life in the present moment. Today I realize that I have had the best story God could ever write. Today people look at my life and exclaim “That’s a life well lived.” For me it’s truly a life well lived and loved.

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