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6 Incredible Ways In Which Summer Crafts Help Your Child’s Personality Development

Kids in my family expect me to clarify their academic doubts simply because I have been a 90+ student all my life. Many a times they fire questions at me even at parties. To be frank, 18 years later I remember everything very superficially. Once my niece asked me, “How do we get rain?” I simply answered, “Because of evaporation of water from the rivers.” I just don’t remember the whole water cycle. Then someone asked, “How do plants eat their food without teeth?” I answered, “They make their food by the process of photosynthesis.” On poking further, I backed off because I didn’t remember the whole process. But to escape the humiliation of not answering their questions properly, I asked them , “Hey!! Do you know how a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse occurs?” To my respite, they didn’t remember all the phases and I explained them all with the technical terms. This incident made me wonder, “How come I remember eclipses properly and not the water cycle which I studied in the same class?” Possibly, because I had made a model of it for science exhibition in school.
I told my sister, “Had I made projects on all the concepts, I would have been a champ today!” and laughed off saying, “Still struggling to complete my education because model making takes so much time that I would have grown old making projects on all the concepts.” With a stern face, my sister replied, “You didn’t have the right resources but your son does. Check out Fevicreate for him. It has all the crafting resources available and many of them require as little as 10 minutes to make.”

Wow!! Seriously? Just 10 minutes! We used to take days together to finish off a single model because we didn’t have the resources for the right hacks. I am exploring crafting as a means to learn for my son. Gradually, I discovered that craft models are not just clarifying the concepts but also adding so much more to his personality.

1. Motor Skills and Hand Eyes Coordination: Art and Craft is a great means of improving the fine motor skills. Scribbling with crayons, using paint brushes, pencils and pens develops child’s fine motor skills. Usage of scissors, glue sticks and other materials enhances hand-eye coordination. In fact, craft stimulates all the senses and hones them too.

2. Language development: You must be wondering how crafts can develop language and emotions! But this is the beauty of efficient learning using crafts. Earlier, my son used to make a model and displayed it in front of the family members. He used to stand excitedly, waiting for the elders to praise him. But now, I have trained him to explain the concept of model, the materials he used and how he developed it. This not only reinforces the concept, imbibing it deep into brain but also develops his ability to express himself creatively. With each passing day, he is becoming more confident in expressing himself and learning a new skill and a new concept.

3. Quality time with family and lowered stress levels: The stress levels in kids and families as whole is touching the zenith. In such stressful lives, craft can be one of the best means to ease out stress and spend time with family. The whole family gets involved to develop a model. We delve so much into it, that it makes us forget about our stress and worries. Craft has been instrumental in strengthening the family bond and bringing us closer.

4. Develops visual processing skills and critical thinking: Making a model unleashes creativity and develops imaginative thinking capability. After making a few models with the aid of Fevicreate, my son showed tremendous development in visual skills. He started suggesting ideas on the waste materials that can be efficiently used, the colours that would look better, the ways in which a particular concept can be implemented in practical life. Right now the decisions are small, related to colors, materials for the project but it goes a long way in developing decision-making abilities of kids. Earlier the concepts were limited to books, but now he sees them in everything around and it has become an integral part of his life.

5. Perseverance and Patience: These days the kids are very impatient. Not just the kids, their parents are also in a hurry to achieve everything in a short period of time. However, I strongly believe that the key to success lies in patience and perseverance. Building a neat and tidy project requires the patience and dedication to build it through the end.

6. Accountability: This is the best part of making projects together. While making a project, if somebody spills a can of water or ends up tearing a part of it, he/she takes up all the accountability of it. Over a period of time, my son has started realizing that he is accountable for his contribution to the project. In case of a mess up too, he owns it up.

Craft is a critically important aspect of a child’s development. Making projects is not just about colours and creativity, but is a means of fun-learning for developing all rounded personality of kids.

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  1. This looks like an easy solution for busy moms like us. We may not try making models due to lack of time finding all the resources.

    1. Supriti says:

      yes. its really helpful.. give it a try. 🙂

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