Living for others, she forgets to live for herself.

One complain every married lady has is -‘ My husband doesn’t have time for me. He never plans surprises for my birthday or our anniversaries. Every time I am the one who plans surprises for him and he never cares to reciprocate the same. Many a times he doesn’t even realise that I am upset […]

My Perfect Woman

Perfection knows no boundaries. Just when man thought that a telegram is perfect as a means of communication, Graham Bell invented telephone. And just when we started believing that telephone is perfect as fastest means of communication and nothing could beat it , video calling was invented. Perfection is as deep as the ocean and […]

Dear MIL, I married your son and not you.

Every lady has a certain set of expectations from her in-laws and  post marriage when they aren’t fulfilled, the expectations turn into a suppressed desire of controlling others. Soon, the once suppressed desire starts overpowering and the unaware soul gets to hear -” Ajkal ki ladkiyan (especially Bahu) have no respect left for elders.” According to […]

A Life Well Lived

For me, grass had always been greener on the other side. When I topped for the first time, all that saddened me was my rejection in state level dance competition. When I was awarded the highly acclaimed NTSE scholarship, I hankered for the much sought after KVPY scholarship. I aspired for the IIT but could […]

MENstruation – (Should) Start with Men

As a child I always wanted to grow up. Whenever anybody asked me about my ambitions in life, I replied saying -” I wanna grow up. I wanna grow big.” Usually girls are scared,skeptical, worried when they start menstruating. But I was simply elated, with the fact, when one fine day my mom declared me […]