Ever expressed your love for Dad?

Come mother’s day and the market is flooded with gifts, deals, discounts and messages. Not just market, even social media platform is flooded with emotional messages full of maa ki mamta and pyar, almost a month before the mother’s day. But do we really see that enthusiasm for father’s day? I have known alot of […]

Living for others, she forgets to live for herself.

One complain every married lady has is -‘ My husband doesn’t have time for me. He never plans surprises for my birthday or our anniversaries. Every time I am the one who plans surprises for him and he never cares to reciprocate the same. Many a times he doesn’t even realise that I am upset […]

What matters – resemblance or identity?

I had a painful cesarean delivery and was bed ridden for almost a month. I couldn’t take my son in arms for almost 24 hours after his birth. I couldn’t even look at him to my heart’s content, when relatives started pouring in. One of their biggest obsession was “Whom does the baby resemble – mother […]

The branded Mom of Generation Y

Since time immemorial Mother has been the epitome of love, sacrifice and strength. Though the respect given to her is the same but the relation she shares with her children has changed over time. With each passing generation the expression of love by both the parties has changed. The generation Y for whom Y stands […]

New Moms – Trust your mothering instincts!

The moment you see those 2 lines on i-sure,life turns around. Happiness and best wishes pour in from all directions and so does advice. Suddenly all old age “experienced” acquaintances turn into a dietitian, yoga instructor, life trainer, psychologist and what not. You are advised to eat everything from green vegetables, fibrous fruits to those […]

My Perfect Woman

Perfection knows no boundaries. Just when man thought that a telegram is perfect as a means of communication, Graham Bell invented telephone. And just when we started believing that telephone is perfect as fastest means of communication and nothing could beat it , video calling was invented. Perfection is as deep as the ocean and […]

Dear MIL, I married your son and not you.

Every lady has a certain set of expectations from her in-laws and  post marriage when they aren’t fulfilled, the expectations turn into a suppressed desire of controlling others. Soon, the once suppressed desire starts overpowering and the unaware soul gets to hear -” Ajkal ki ladkiyan (especially Bahu) have no respect left for elders.” According to […]

A Life Well Lived

For me, grass had always been greener on the other side. When I topped for the first time, all that saddened me was my rejection in state level dance competition. When I was awarded the highly acclaimed NTSE scholarship, I hankered for the much sought after KVPY scholarship. I aspired for the IIT but could […]